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33. Describe three design characteristics of the German Bauhaus?

1). combination of text and image
2). photography
3). clarity

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32. Describe the six questions or areas you must address when meeting with your client?

1). who is the audience?
2). what is the message
3). what are the aspects of the project?
4). what is the budget?
5). when is the deadline?
6). can the client provide creative insight?


30. Describe five ways for promoting your graphic design business

1). email
2). word of mouth
3). blog
4). business card
5). newsletters


29. Describe three types of graphic design portfolios.

1). website = online portfolios allow for optimal viewing. easy to get it out to people, allows you to personalize.

2). PDF = using software programing

3). portfolio = classic actual book, shows printed work of various sizes

History of Bras

what - Women have used a variety of garments and devices to cover, restrain, reveal, or modify the appearance of breasts.
where - With metal shortages, World War II encouraged the end of the corset. By the time the war ended, most fashion-conscious women in Europe and North America were wearing brassieres. From there the brassiere was adopted by women in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.why - modify the appearance of breasts
when - In the late 19th century, bras replaced the corset as the most widely used means of breast support. By the early 20th century, garments more closely resembling contemporary bras had emerged, although large-scale commercial production did not occur till the 1930s. Since then bras have replaced corset