Be honest with me. Just tell me i wasted my time. Tell me you never loved me, it would make things easier..


Anonymous asked:

are u lesbian?



what is this ‘lesbian’ label you speak of? I’m not a fan of labels personally. I am a soul in a human body and if I fall in love with another soul whether they have a male or female body, then that is what is meant to be, ya feel? 

beautifully said

Don’t know what I’d do without this little doggy, he always brightens my day 😊 just look at that cute face!!!


33. Describe three design characteristics of the German Bauhaus?

1). combination of text and image
2). photography
3). clarity

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32. Describe the six questions or areas you must address when meeting with your client?

1). who is the audience?
2). what is the message
3). what are the aspects of the project?
4). what is the budget?
5). when is the deadline?
6). can the client provide creative insight?


30. Describe five ways for promoting your graphic design business

1). email
2). word of mouth
3). blog
4). business card
5). newsletters